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Our main products

Creasol MultiCreasol Multi

Universal Multi-Frequency remote control duplicator, operating in all these frequencies: 433.92, 868.3, 315, 286-418 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if they operates in different frequencies.

creFour_100Creasol Four

Universal remote control duplicator, 433.92 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if made by different brands.

Very long range.


LiMnO2 cells, suitable for remote controls and other electronic devices.

battery_27a_duracell 27A battery

12V alkaline battery suitable for remote controls like Creasol Four

creLock2_100Creasol UniLock

Door opener used to activate electric lock using remote controls.

Open your main door and/or pedestrian gate using any remote control, fixed or rolling code.

Frequency selectable 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz, very easy installation. 

creRec12_100Creasol UniRec1

Micro-receiver, operating at 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz (selectable frequency).

Can be used by almost all remote controls, both fixed and rolling code. Very compact: only 29x29x11mm!



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Marco Sodano told us:
Ottimo prodotto di facile programmazione. Unica pecca forse la batteria a bottone. Ne comprerò comunque subito un altro.

Pietro Gamba told us:
Pietro Gamba, ho acquistato due Creasol Multi, sono riuscito a programmare due radiocomandi Faac senza problemi, ma il radiocomado Allister, sono riuscito a programmare un tasto schiacciando non so quali tasti, ora un multi funziona il tasto 1, ma come sono riuscito è un mistero, perchè una seconda volta non va ?

Lorenzo Cappelli told us:
Ottimo prodotto, economico, funzionante al 100% e versatile. Spedizione veloce e imballo idoneo. Vi ho già consigliato ai miei colleghi. Saluti.

Alessandro R. told us:
ho ricevuto questa mattina i telecomandi, semplici da configurare e perfettamente funzionanti. ottimo grazie

Ricardo Fuente Muñoz told us:
I followed the guideline and found Creasol Multi quite easy to use. I tried duplicating a garage door remote control and waited until the red led flased twice. I thought the duplicate was successful but for some reason haven't been able to open the door with Creasol Multi. Original remote control is a Clemsa TX1. I think it works on 433 MHz band (Spain) and has a fixed 8 bit code (microswitches can be seen inside). Any idea of what can be wrong? Thank you very much beforehand.

Marco told us:
tutto ok

Srdjan Mitrovic told us:
Today I received my Creasol Multi, along with some additional items that I ordered. Programming the remote was very easy and it works way much better than the original. I recommend it to everyone, purchase one or more Creasol Multis and keep your original remotes as a spare. You will enjoy using Creasol remotes, they are much more robust and handier than most of the original that you will replace. I also must note that Paolo of Creasol was most helpful and he was promptly replying to all my questions. I thank him a lot.

Jimmy Wilkie POETAI-TOOFA told us:
très bon produit, fonctionne très avec mes 3 portails différents. maintenant, j'ai en 1 bip l'équivalent de 3 bips... :) je recommande vraiment ce site.. j'ai reçu en 4 semanies mes bips, en polynésie française

thierry DUBRULLE told us:
Dear Paolo A small message as you asked me to express for my opinion on your products: Remote controls are small, discreet and facie to be programmed but the reach(impact) estpas in compliance with the announced 200m; (the former(ancient) models were more successful) The sendings are fast, packed well and in compliance with the demand(request). In conclusion, except this problem of reach(impact), the product is of good value for money. I hope that my opinion will be profitable. Greeting, Thierry DUBRULLE

Toni REBES told us:
I has been perfect, the product (Creasol Four)works very well in seconds I have been able to copy my old one, the shipping costs was low and I had it in less then one week. I recomend Creasi Shop.

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