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Our main products

Creasol MultiCreasol Multi

Universal Multi-Frequency remote control duplicator, operating in all these frequencies: 433.92, 868.3, 315, 286-418 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if they operates in different frequencies.

creFour_100Creasol Four

Universal remote control duplicator, 433.92 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if made by different brands.

Very long range.


LiMnO2 cells, suitable for remote controls and other electronic devices.

battery_27a_duracell 27A battery

12V alkaline battery suitable for remote controls like Creasol Four

creLock2_100Creasol UniLock

Door opener used to activate electric lock using remote controls.

Open your main door and/or pedestrian gate using any remote control, fixed or rolling code.

Frequency selectable 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz, very easy installation. 

creRec12_100Creasol UniRec1

Micro-receiver, operating at 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz (selectable frequency).

Can be used by almost all remote controls, both fixed and rolling code. Very compact: only 29x29x11mm!



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Fernando DaSilva told us:
I purchased this remote with the hopes that it would duplicate a Linear MT-1B, transmitting at 318Mhz. It doesn't seem to be working. ANSWER FROM THE SELLER: LINEAR MT-1B is not supported (and not listed in the compatible remote controls) because megacode is not supported. anyway, if you ship back to us your remote control, we can refund you the price of the remote control.

Martin Schmittus told us:
Eine tolle Erfindung zum kleinen Preis. Bestellung, Lieferung, Bezahlung alles unkompliziert und einfach, nur zwei einhalb Tage, finde ich ne super Leistung! Ich öffne mit dem Handsender die Torschranke auf der Arbeit, dort musste ich früher links anparken und durch anhalten von Transporter die Schrank öffnen. Nie wieder die teuren Felgen am Randstein verkratzen, Fenster fesgefroren alles kein Problem mehr dank Funkhandsender! Ich freue mich jeden Morgen auf's Knöpfchen zu drücken, eine tolle Sache...

E van Brakel told us:
Hello, I've bought the Aclus & Pandis remotes. Very fast delivery ! Good Price ! The remotes work very good. Great ! ;-) Kind regards, Edwin From The Netherlands

Roberto Recuero Esteban told us:
First Class , would recommend every time, thanks

David LEO told us:
This transmitter works perfectly with faac and doitrand. Easy to program.

Bert-B told us:
it's working fine even the hormann door. thanks, Bert

Andreas Boronetti told us:
Ottimo servizio, ottimo prodotto. Da consigliare

penny phillips told us:
The controllers arrived promptly. They were easy to program and they are working well.

Michele Battaglia told us:
Pandis e' un ottimo prodotto e funziona come da specifiche; ma soprattutto la qualita' del supporto tecnico e' eccellente: nel giro di tre giorni mi e' stato riconsegnato il telecomando con firmware modificato per riconoscere entrambi i segnali del mio FAAC originale a due tasti, uno dei quali era strutturato in modo anomalo: comunicazione, disponibilita' e professionalita' ai massimi livelli. Complimenti a Paolo!

thierry DUBRULLE told us:
Dear Paolo A small message as you asked me to express for my opinion on your products: Remote controls are small, discreet and facie to be programmed but the reach(impact) estpas in compliance with the announced 200m; (the former(ancient) models were more successful) The sendings are fast, packed well and in compliance with the demand(request). In conclusion, except this problem of reach(impact), the product is of good value for money. I hope that my opinion will be profitable. Greeting, Thierry DUBRULLE

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