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Our main products

Creasol MultiCreasol Multi

Universal Multi-Frequency remote control duplicator, operating in all these frequencies: 433.92, 868.3, 315, 286-418 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if they operates in different frequencies.

creFour_100Creasol Four

Universal remote control duplicator, 433.92 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if made by different brands.

Very long range.


LiMnO2 cells, suitable for remote controls and other electronic devices.

battery_27a_duracell 27A battery

12V alkaline battery suitable for remote controls like Creasol Four

creLock2_100Creasol UniLock

Door opener used to activate electric lock using remote controls.

Open your main door and/or pedestrian gate using any remote control, fixed or rolling code.

Frequency selectable 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz, very easy installation. 

creRec12_100Creasol UniRec1

Micro-receiver, operating at 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz (selectable frequency).

Can be used by almost all remote controls, both fixed and rolling code. Very compact: only 29x29x11mm!



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laurent gallien told us:
j'étais tellement content de ma 1ère télécommande (moins de 25 euros au lieu des 70 euros demandés par mon syndic) que j'en ai commandé une 2ème. Merci.

Technical support told us:
I bought a remote control and one receiver: they work perfectly, and delivery very quickly.

sagit ben natan told us:
the product had arrived and was just fine. we need one more item like this sagit

Ignazio Cala' told us:
Ottimo prodotto e di facile utilizzo. Spedizione molto veloce.

Giuseppe Bianchi told us:
Purtroppo ho dovuto inviare 2 ordini in sequenza, il primo il 20/12, il secondo il 31/12, perchè la prima spedizione non è mai pervenuta. Suggerisco di abolire la modalità di spedizione con posta prioritaria, del tutto inaffidabile. Confermo anche che Creasol Multi e Creasol Four non funzionano, dal momento che non supportano il codice rolling, con cui ho avuto purtroppo a che fare (V2 Phoenix). Chiedo che mi venga comunque recapitata copia fattura dell'ordine 2102 del 18/12 mai pervenuto e faccio presente che nella consegna odierna dell'ordine 2134 erano mancanti le 5 batterie CR2032. Grazie.

Order requested on a Sunday and received in Belgium 3 days later. Product works fine and is very easy to setup. For the price of one official remote control for my garage I could purchase 3 of this universal model. Customer support - shipping and product are all great. I recommend you this website if you are looking for a cheap solution suitable with hundred of official remote controls. Thx again, JF - Belgium

Krivan Bence told us:
Extraordinery fast delivery /1,5 days/, and very good, easy-to-use remote controller we bought from Paolo. Thank You. Prima keresked?, kiváló áru, melegen ajánlom! Benny

Goulamougaidine told us:
Bonjour, J'ai bien reçu les pièces ils fonctions. Envoie est rapide

martin told us:
Excellent Customer Service!!! I can recommend this shop as the really care on the customer. Originally the MULTI was not compatible to my remote control. Ing. Paolo did everything to make it compatible and also updated the firmware in my MULTI. I'm absolutely impressed!! Thank you.

flavio magrassi told us:
perfetto, come sempre, consigliato a tutti, riesco ad aprire il cancello da 4/500 mt. di distanza

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