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Our main products

Creasol MultiCreasol Multi

Universal Multi-Frequency remote control duplicator, operating in all these frequencies: 433.92, 868.3, 315, 286-418 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if they operates in different frequencies.

creFour_100Creasol Four

Universal remote control duplicator, 433.92 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if made by different brands.

Very long range.


LiMnO2 cells, suitable for remote controls and other electronic devices.

battery_27a_duracell 27A battery

12V alkaline battery suitable for remote controls like Creasol Four

creLock2_100Creasol UniLock

Door opener used to activate electric lock using remote controls.

Open your main door and/or pedestrian gate using any remote control, fixed or rolling code.

Frequency selectable 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz, very easy installation. 

creRec12_100Creasol UniRec1

Micro-receiver, operating at 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz (selectable frequency).

Can be used by almost all remote controls, both fixed and rolling code. Very compact: only 29x29x11mm!



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Tatiana van den Hoogen told us:
Zeer snelle levering! En de afstandsbediening werkt perfect, beter dan de originele.

luigi litta told us:
ottimo servizio e ottimo prodotto

Benedicte Cockell told us:
Remote controls dispatched promptly and they seem to work well. HIghly recommended so far!

Marc Soler i Colomer told us:
I've seen that the edge of the remote controls is not very good. When I try to open from outside the garage (so there is the door in between the remote control and the receiver kit), the door only opens if I put the remote control very close to the receiver. That's not a problem when you are arriving by foot, but often you arrive by car, and from inside the car the door does not open. Not sure if it's a problem of the remote control (the pair, in this case, because I bought two) or it's the weakness of the signal that sends this remote control. Waiting to hear from you soon.

omar scainelli told us:
ottimo prodotto e ottima assistenza

Massimo Donati told us:
+++ spedizione super veloce, prodotto ottimo !!! +++

Jorge told us:
Perfect item. Works perfectly. RECOMENDED!!

Seppo Salonen told us:
Hi I purchaed Creasol Four universal remote control duplicator a couple of weeks ago. Delivery was really fast, thank you! But for some reason I haven't been able to 'duplicate' any of my remote controls. I've tried FIAT's car door remote control and also Crawford garage door remote control. Both should work on 433 MHz band. My FIAT central locking system is an accessory unit installed 'afterwards'. Do you have any idea what to try? I understand that all remote controls can't be duplicated - too bad if both of mine are such. br, Seppo Salonen ANSWER FROM THE CREASOL: many remote controls, for some security reasons, transmit a rolling code and cannot be duplicated. For this reason there is a compatibility table on the website. Because your remote control duplicator is useless for you, we're available to refund the cost of the remote control, just ship back to use the remote control within your name and order number. Regards

Andreas Zineder told us:
I am very satisfied with this product. It was delivered very quickly. All in all, I am very satisfied and I will order another one. Kind regards, Andreas (Austria)

drs. P. G. Stins told us:
Snelle levering, afstandbediening werkt goed.

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