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Why Creasol Shop?

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Why Creasol Shop?

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 07 June 2011 11:40) Written by Technical support Wednesday, 08 September 2010 09:08

Why should you choose Creasol Shop ?

Most products have been designed and manufactured by us, so we have the complete knowledge and therefore we can offer full support in case of troubles.

For each device, always the last version, with the latest firmware version.

Many products are available in stock, so we can delivery the good, in most cases, in only 1 working day.

Two years warranty for the end user, or one year warranty for companies. For all products manufactured by us, offering warranty is even simpler for us.

Experience: we are not a simple shop which sell thousands of products, but we only sell  products manufactured by us, or devices which we know very well, offering a full after sales support.

You can choose different ways to get support, like

Secure payment solutions: we use well-known and secure on-line payment systems like Paypal and IWsmile to let the customer paying with the maximum security, without revealing  to us the information about credit card.

Choosing some payment solutions, e.g. bank transfer, it's possible to have an extra discount. Better information in the Sale & Delivery terms.

Feedback: 10 days after shipping, each buyer is prompted for a feedback, that is automatically published on the website and permit the visitor to see some random feedbacks from the buyers. If something goes wrong in a order, visitors will be notified.


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Tomislav Gabri? told us:
Very happy with my two multis. Mr Paolo was very helpful in resolving all dilemmas. The whole service is quick and to-the-point, everything works as planned. I will recommend to everyone.

luigi litta told us:
ottimo servizio e ottimo prodotto

Eduardo José da Silva Mota told us:
i was glad with the product and the company, very pleased. thanks for everything.

Giannicola Chinellato told us:
Creasol Multi: duplicatore multifrequenza di radiocomandi Il telecomando è risultato perfetto e il prezzo molto economico. Ringrazio e porgo cordiali saluti.

laurent gallien told us:
j'étais tellement content de ma 1ère télécommande (moins de 25 euros au lieu des 70 euros demandés par mon syndic) que j'en ai commandé une 2ème. Merci.

Angel Vico Martinez told us:
El producto funciona bastante bien

MONTERO told us:
Merci beaucoup, livraison ultra rapide, les 2 CREASOL FOUR, fonctionnent à merveille, bon contact avec le SAV. A bientôt pour d'autres achats. Je vais recommander le site à mes amis. Bonne fin de journée.

Donovan carroll told us:
Remote control arrived on time, was easily set-up, and works well. Happy with the way this worked out

tres satisfait

Mauro Manni told us:
CREASOL FOUR : buon prodotto a prezzi concorrenziali. Fornitore raccomandabile.

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