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David Plumb told us:
This remote is far smaller and half the price of the original remote. Learnt the codes perfectly and works 100%. Super quick delivery from Italy to UK, two/three days. Brilliant!

CC told us:
Buongiorno, mi sono arrivati i prodotti e per il momento sono estremamente soddisfatto sia del prodotto e sia dei tempi dell'evasione ordine.

Pietro Gamba told us:
Pietro Gamba, ho acquistato due Creasol Multi, sono riuscito a programmare due radiocomandi Faac senza problemi, ma il radiocomado Allister, sono riuscito a programmare un tasto schiacciando non so quali tasti, ora un multi funziona il tasto 1, ma come sono riuscito è un mistero, perchè una seconda volta non va ?

Olivier Dindi told us:
Very good transaction.

matteo marri told us:
Tuttio perfetto !!!

Ottimo prodotto e ottima comunicazione. Grazie

Jean-Charles BARBAUD told us:
Cette télécommande fonctionne parfaitement en remplacement de la télécommande d'origine 868 MHz de ma porte de garage sectionnelle HORMANN. Très bon produit à un prix très doux.

Andres Raud told us:
I got the remotes.Thanks. I need them at my work,and I believe they are as good as last ones I ordered from you.All remotes I gave to my clients are working well duplicating BFT mito2,NICE FLO1 remotes. Andres.

Gordon Scott told us:
I cannot get this multi frequency remote duplicator to copy any of the remotes I have. I have tried the garage 303Mhz fixed code and my car alarm PT2240 based fob. I need some help please to resolve this. The unit did arrive quickly however.

Peter Doll told us:
The "Multifrequenz Handsender" has a very reasonable price and works very well. But your Internet Site is complicate und ordering in a foreign country isn't comfortable and doesn't feel good. I get E-Mail in nederlands language, but my language is german (like my address). For me your product was hard too find. Try selling on amazon.de or ebay.de. I found no comparable products there. I think you could find many more customers in Germany.

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