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Seppo Salonen told us:
Hi I purchaed Creasol Four universal remote control duplicator a couple of weeks ago. Delivery was really fast, thank you! But for some reason I haven't been able to 'duplicate' any of my remote controls. I've tried FIAT's car door remote control and also Crawford garage door remote control. Both should work on 433 MHz band. My FIAT central locking system is an accessory unit installed 'afterwards'. Do you have any idea what to try? I understand that all remote controls can't be duplicated - too bad if both of mine are such. br, Seppo Salonen ANSWER FROM THE CREASOL: many remote controls, for some security reasons, transmit a rolling code and cannot be duplicated. For this reason there is a compatibility table on the website. Because your remote control duplicator is useless for you, we're available to refund the cost of the remote control, just ship back to use the remote control within your name and order number. Regards

nicola zanoni told us:
tutto perfetto consegna veloce e il radiocomando funziona

Linus Sallstrom told us:
Working fine! Good price and fast delivery

omar scainelli told us:
ottimo prodotto e ottima assistenza

Alessandro Galli told us:
Prodotto di qualità e servizio ottimo.

Rudolf Weber told us:
Guter Service, bestelle gerne wieder in diesem Shop.

Matthias Strobele told us:
Creasol Multi: programming easy, working good

Gordon Scott told us:
I cannot get this multi frequency remote duplicator to copy any of the remotes I have. I have tried the garage 303Mhz fixed code and my car alarm PT2240 based fob. I need some help please to resolve this. The unit did arrive quickly however.

Dario Giubbilei told us:
Molto soddisfato del prodotto (Telecomando 433 Mhz) e del servizio. Cordiali saluti

Dirk Rowies told us:
telecomandi ben accolto, e funzionano perfettamente

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