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Gordon Scott told us:
I cannot get this multi frequency remote duplicator to copy any of the remotes I have. I have tried the garage 303Mhz fixed code and my car alarm PT2240 based fob. I need some help please to resolve this. The unit did arrive quickly however.

Ignazio Cala' told us:
Ottimo prodotto e di facile utilizzo. Spedizione molto veloce.

Matthias Strobele told us:
Creasol Multi: programming easy, working good

boomkens told us:

Thierry PERROTTO told us:

gianmario piovano told us:
Tutto come previsto. Prodotto eccellente, consegna tempestiva.

Mauro told us:
It's all OK!

Adelino Marques Santos told us:
Prezado amigo, Eu confesso que no começo me senti um pouco inseguro, pois a distancia e as vezes a dificuldade na comunicação, cause isto. Mas tudo correu bem aquilo que eu comprei fiquei muito satisfeito, e se houver necessidade, comprarei novamente. Um abraço, e boa sorte. Adelino Santos

Telmo Fevereiro told us:
Creasol Multi is very easy to use, it duplicated the original remote in seconds and works fine. The Creasol service is very good, I contacted them and receive a very fast anwser. I received my order in the expected delivery time. Very good service.

A George told us:
Bought twice now & both times found the service to be extremely efficient & the items to have performed exactly as expected - Gazie mille! Again.

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