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Martin Mikuška told us:
I am very satisfied with your product (universal reciever) and fast shipping. If it was cheaper I would buy more pcs.

Jiri Urbanik told us:
I've just received the order. The remotes are great and everything works as always. Thanks a lot.

Allan Brownridge told us:
At first, I wasnt sure if the product would work for me- but it does. Super Fast delivery, great price, excellent supplier. Very happy with my purchases and would definately recommend to others

Dirk Rowies told us:
Telecomandi ricevuto bene e tutto funziona perfettamente. D. Rowies

Ferstl Alexander told us:
Prodotto ottimo, consegna velocissima. Da consigliare assolutamente

Ya he recibido el mando a distancia y estoy muy satisfecho con su producto. He podido copiar tanto el mando de la marca "Avidsen", como el mando de la marca "LIKE IT" de la puerta de garage de la marca "Flexidoor". Gracias.

laurent gallien told us:
note : 20/20. Le syndic de copropriété me demandait 70 euros pour le remplacement de ma télécommande cassée. J'ai commandé une télécommande universelle sur CREASOL pour moins de 25 euros. Je l'ai reçu en moins 5 jours en Guadeloupe. La programmaion est un jeu d'enfant, elle est robuste et marche très bien. Du coup j'en ai acheté une 2ème ! Merci beaucoup !

Ronald Knikker told us:
Dear Sir, The device received well. But its a pitty it does'nt work. It looks like that the code from the original device is received well but the universal remote controle duplicator does'nt tranmit on 433.92 I checked this with my receiver that can receive this frequency (70 cm) Can You please help me? ANSWER BY THE SELLER: YOU'VE TRIED TO DUPLICATE A FSK ROLLING CODE REMOTE CONTROL, WHICH IS LISTED IN AS INCOMPATIBLE, SO CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.

Les télécommandes que j'ai achetées fonctionnent très bien. Aucun problème. Bon produit.

Alexander Studt told us:
Guter Bestellablauf, nur sollte für Firmenbestellungen die Möglichkeit gegeben sein die UID Nummer zu hineterlegen damit eine Steuerfreie Rechnung möglich ist!

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