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Wilf Higgins told us:
Thank you both remotes working perfectly

thierry DUBRULLE told us:
Dear Paolo A small message as you asked me to express for my opinion on your products: Remote controls are small, discreet and facie to be programmed but the reach(impact) estpas in compliance with the announced 200m; (the former(ancient) models were more successful) The sendings are fast, packed well and in compliance with the demand(request). In conclusion, except this problem of reach(impact), the product is of good value for money. I hope that my opinion will be profitable. Greeting, Thierry DUBRULLE

Telmo Fevereiro told us:
Very good product. Works fine. Good service with fast shipping.

Linus Sallstrom told us:
Working fine! Good price and fast delivery

andrea buscemi told us:
Ottimo oggetto. Grazie

Cor Vermeijs told us:
Good website, nice product & excellent delivery service! Very satisfied so thumbs up for Creasol.

Joël RIBARDIERE told us:
Je suis très heureux d'accuser réception rapidement de la commande, service et contact sympa. Les télécommandes fonctionnent très bien et la présentation est soft, reste à voir dans le temps? merci encore.

Dirk Rowies told us:
Come ogni ordine, tutto era in perfetto.

Mike Foster told us:
Fast delivery A qualiy product, easy to setup Robust, ready for serious use I would highly recommend the product

Selemidis Panagiotis told us:
Die Fernbedienungen sind perfect. Sehr schnele Lieferung. Dankeschön

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