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Our main products

Creasol MultiCreasol Multi

Universal Multi-Frequency remote control duplicator, operating in all these frequencies: 433.92, 868.3, 315, 286-418 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if they operates in different frequencies.

creFour_100Creasol Four

Universal remote control duplicator, 433.92 MHz.

Duplicates up to 4 original remote controls for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, even if made by different brands.

Very long range.


LiMnO2 cells, suitable for remote controls and other electronic devices.

battery_27a_duracell 27A battery

12V alkaline battery suitable for remote controls like Creasol Four

creLock2_100Creasol UniLock

Door opener used to activate electric lock using remote controls.

Open your main door and/or pedestrian gate using any remote control, fixed or rolling code.

Frequency selectable 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz, very easy installation. 

creRec12_100Creasol UniRec1

Micro-receiver, operating at 315, 433.92 and 868.3 MHz (selectable frequency).

Can be used by almost all remote controls, both fixed and rolling code. Very compact: only 29x29x11mm!



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Italo Di Francia told us:
I 7 telecomandi Four e le 7 pile di ricambio sono arrivati correttamente.

Jørn Rasmussen told us:
100% satiesdied with Your service. I received the remote control just a week after I ordered it - very good. It is not the last time I order from You. It was easy to program the remote control!

Ottimo prodotto e ottima comunicazione. Grazie

La Suze told us:
Bonsoir, C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que j'ai reçu ma commande aujourd'hui à midi. Je vous félicite pour votre rapidité et votre ponctualité. Mon collègue m'a montré comment paramétrer la télécommande. Cela fonctionne à merveille. je suis donc un client satisfait qui tient à vous adresser mes plus vifs remerciements. Cordialement.

Joao Mendes told us:
Quick and Works Perfect

Iván Aníbarro Cabero told us:
Everything was OK. The remote works perfectly and delivery was very fast. Thank you

Wilf Higgins told us:
Thank you both remotes working perfectly

Bonjour, C'est la 2eme commande que je fais chez CREASOL SHOP, bravo, les délais sont respectés, les produits excellents et conformes à mes attentes. Continuez ainsi, c'est le gage de la réussite, et la fidélité de vos clients. Remerciements

Linus Sallstrom told us:
Working fine! Good price and fast delivery

Kevan Harding told us:
Product is fine. Web site could do with a bit of work. It is not a nice user experience. For example, it was not at all obvious how I purchased any item from you until I found the link to your shop, hidden away under a menu entry in the sidebar. It should be displayed prominently. But then, I do not understand why you have your main site to display your products, and a subdomain for your shop. That is unusual. Another flaw seems to be with changeof email addresses. Since creating my account, I've changed my email address, but when I tried a password reset, it required me to use the old original email address. Something wrong there.

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